Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Many of us hate spending hundreds of bucks on security cameras based on a monthly subscription. It is the common scenario among almost all cameras. But you need to be aware of those super-quality cameras available in the market with a free-subscription scheme. These are also pocket-friendly.

You should keep some factors in mind while purchasing an outdoor security camera. Here, we have piled up some best security cameras with all modern features and functionalities.

1. Reolink RLC-811A

The Reolink RLC-811A, a 4K outdoor security camera, offers amazing video quality and modern properties. The camera’s 8MP picture sensor takes clear and sharp pictures, whereas the 105° field of vision covers a wide area. Most importantly, you can adjust your view angle per your requirement with its 5x optical zoom. The camera’s night vision varies up to 100ft due to its popular six infrared LEDs.

 A few other decent properties of this camera are its two-way sound, which permits you to communicate with guests or potential threats through the camera. The camera is weatherproof, with an IP66 rating, making it appropriate for open-air utilization in harsh environments.

2. Solo0Cam S40

The Solo0Cam S40 is a 2K outdoor security camera offering bright and clean video quality and cutting-edge features. The 5MP sensor of this camera clicks explicit and acute footage with a high version of 2560×1920 pixels, assuring that you can see everything happening outside of your house. 

 Moreover, its built-in property and a siren automatically sense and recognize the movements happening in the domestic area and on the outdoor side. This property effectively makes intruders scared or alerts house members about unwanted threats. Also, the camera embraces a channel of two-way audio application for communicating with anybody in the range of the camera’s view.

 The camera’s amazing night vision capability provides a range of up to 100 feet. It is designed with infrared LEDs to light up the outdoor area and give firm footage, even if the outside area is completely dark. The camera possesses IP66, which denotes that this camera is climate-friendly. So, you can use this camera in any extreme weather condition.

3. Imou Knight 4K

The Imou Knight 4K acts as a high-quality outdoor security camera with 4K exploration and an expanded angle of vision. The camera’s 8MP sensor clicks sharp and precise pictures, whereas the 107° field of vision covers a wide range. The camera’s night view angle expands up to 100ft due to its eight infrared LEDs.

 Besides this, the Imou Knight 4K has other interesting properties, like; two-way sound, permitting you to communicate with guests or trespassers. In addition, this camera is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor premises. Also, it works especially in extreme weather conditions with an IP67 rating.

4. Argus 3 Professional

The Argus 3 Professional has been used as a 2K outdoor security camera with a vast range of vision and advanced characteristics. The camera’s 2MP sensor takes high-resolution images with a precise view, whereas the 122° field of view offers an extended vision. The camera’s night vision amplifies the view angle up to 33ft with two infrared LEDs.

One of the standout characteristics of the Argus 3 Pro is its rechargeable battery. It provides access to place the camera wherever you want. Even you don’t need to worry about the power gateway. The camera also offers two-way sound and climate-friendly features with an IP65 rating.


These outdoor security cameras are an all-rounder and anyone’s choice. Also, these four subscription-free cameras offer high-resolution images and video footage, multiple power outlets, and free cloud storage. So, go and get one for your domestic security.

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