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Carolyn Hamilton with life unfolding
By Carolyn Hamilton

We live in a wild and precious place. “A geographical location that’s alive.” A spot on earth where the mountains call to us. 

And because we live here, we get to go! First we go. Then we take our children. And, inconceivably quickly, our kids answer that call on their own, without us. 

My first question, then, is this: when our children answer the mountains’...

Edie Thys-Morgan
By Edie Thys

The US Open came and went, giving us great tennis and excellent stories: Serena vs. everybody else; Serena vs. Venus; Federer vs Drop Shot; Serena vs. Serena; Italy vs. Italy; Djokovic vs. Federer. Every time I looked into the eyes of the players as they embarked on matches that would last for hours, it underscored how difficult it must be to manage their emotions for so long. Getting psyched up and holding it...

Robb Gaffney, Squaw Valley     Photo: Grant Kaye
By Robb Gaffney, M.D.

I founded Sportgevity because I realized, as many of us do, that our sports are increasingly intermingling with the laws of physics and probability and these laws are reminding us of who is in charge. 

As we create more and more sophisticated safety gear, we get drawn further and further into that zone where physics and probability show their teeth. It is becoming increasingly evident that in many cases the...

Grant Alexander
By Grant Alexander

I am killing people with Avalanches.  Am I telling them to ski avalanche prone slopes during a storm?  Am I failing to dig them out once they're buried or telling them to choose terrain where the consequence is death? No.  But I might as well be.  I might as well be killing people with avalanches because I am part of a culture that is killing people with avalanches.  I am part of a generation that worships...

Kevin Donoghue, founder of Fitnamics with a podium finish
By Kevin Donoghue, Professional OCR Athlete

A few nights ago, I sat in front of 9 to 10 TV producers in an undisclosed location, a place that I have never been. I was here because of my exploits as an athlete. But this meeting was their way to find out what kind of person I was and whether I was going to be good for the show. Being a good person wasn't necessarily a prerequisite.

The question that stuck in my mind was, “if there is anything in your life...

By Kim Kircher

Kim Kircher's, Edge Radio does a great job addressing all aspects of adventure sports. Among other topics, Kim talks with Robb Gaffney about decision making and the founding principles of Sportgevity. 

Dave Kalama

I think my longevity comes from two things. One, truly loving and having a passion for my sport, and two the longing to always get better. I truly believe that even if I wasn't a sponsored athlete I would be doing almost the exact same thing because I enjoy it so much. Plus once you get proficient at something you get a lot of self satisfaction at being one of the best at your respective sport. Basically making your...

Ethan Ward Surfing
By Robb Gaffney, M.D.

Have you ever laughed when you saw an old picture of a hockey goalie playing without a helmet? What gives us that guttural chuckle? Humor often comes from things that are unexpected or in contrast to what we know of the world at one particular cross section of time. In 2012, seeing a hockey player without a helmet just doesn’t seem right. In contrast, in the 60s it did! People of that era often poked fun of those...