Kim Kircher, Edge Radio

Kim Kircher's, Edge Radio does a great job addressing all aspects of adventure sports. Among other topics, Kim talks with Robb Gaffney about decision making and the founding principles of Sportgevity. 

POWDER Honored at MAGGIE Awards

A proud triple pack
John Stifter, Editor, accepts the awards

POWDER Magazine stepped across the grain when they published the December 2012 issue with a black cover boldly emblazoned with “WHY DO THE BEST SKIERS KEEP DYING?” Publishing this issue was no easy task for all those involved and taking this sort of risk certainly must have created serious angst. But it paid off! Editor John Stifter and the POWDER Magazine staff were honored with three MAGGIE Awards at a prestigious ceremony in Los Angeles in early May.

Steep and Deep

Live in Tahoe? This is a must!

Sportgevity is proud to be a part of Lel Tone’s Steep and Deep Free Avalanche Awareness Clinic this coming Saturday January 19th, 2013 at the Plaza Bar in Squaw Valley. Doors open at 6:30pm. There is no greater opportunity to come in contact with experts who really know their stuff with regard to avalanche science, awareness, and safety. Speakers will address a variety of issues, including the all important human factors in decision making. If you venture into the backcountry or ski inbounds after deep storms, this clinic is a must. 


Who are the role models now?

Kids spying difficult terrain

----written January 2012

My kids learned to ski in the late 1990’s.  Snowboarding was BIG.  We had to twist their arms and offer all sorts of deals to sign them up for ski team.  They could snowboard after they learned to ski was the deal we struck in a Monty Hall sort of way.  Door #1 was skiing, doors #2 & #3… who cared? We knew they’d be hooked once they got it.  


Colorado Matters, Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Public Radio and Matt Hansen from POWDER Magazine address risk in skiing and the goals of Sportgevity.

Snowsports helmet studies - a model for the future?

Once again we have a study that supports the use of helmets in recreational skiers and snowboarders. The article, "An evidence-based review: Efficacy of safety helmets in the reduction of head injuries in recreational skiers and snowboarders", by Haider et al in the November 2012 issue of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery evaluated existing evidence regarding helmet use in snow sports with respect to head injuries, neck and cervical spine injuries, and risk compensation behaviors.

Q & A with Tom Burt

Tom Burt
Q. Have you ever had a partner or partners that have made you uncomfortable because their judgment seems off? Would you keep going out with them? Have you witnessed lapses in judgment taking out (off-ing) any of your friends?  
AI have been lucky with my choice of partners, but maybe that is part of my gut.  I don’t go out with people I do not trust.  Now I do guide and I have to take care of people who may not make good choices, but then it is my job to make that decision for them. 

Helmets in Skiing and Snowboarding

Scot Schmidt

You might ask “do you really need to post something about using helmets when  skiing or snowboarding?” Doesn’t it seem like most skiers and snowboarders on the mountain have made the switch because of the knowledge that helmets do actually protect your brain from potential injury? Since the late 1990’s there’s been a dramatic shift in the numbers of resort skiers and snowboarders wearing helmets.