ER Doc: "Wear a helmet, it saves lives"

Riding free can be a heavy tradeoff

I had an experience this weekend that may be of interest to those of you I worked with in the ER. It’s a bit of a long story but bear with me. 

Snowsports helmet studies - a model for the future?

Once again we have a study that supports the use of helmets in recreational skiers and snowboarders. The article, "An evidence-based review: Efficacy of safety helmets in the reduction of head injuries in recreational skiers and snowboarders", by Haider et al in the November 2012 issue of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery evaluated existing evidence regarding helmet use in snow sports with respect to head injuries, neck and cervical spine injuries, and risk compensation behaviors.

Helmets and Surfing

Ethan Ward Surfing
Ethan Ward with Dad
Andy Brown

Have you ever laughed when you saw an old picture of a hockey goalie playing without a helmet? What gives us that guttural chuckle? Humor often comes from things that are unexpected or in contrast to what we know of the world at one particular cross section of time. In 2012, seeing a hockey player without a helmet just doesn’t seem right. In contrast, in the 60s it did!

Helmets in Skiing and Snowboarding

Scot Schmidt

You might ask “do you really need to post something about using helmets when  skiing or snowboarding?” Doesn’t it seem like most skiers and snowboarders on the mountain have made the switch because of the knowledge that helmets do actually protect your brain from potential injury? Since the late 1990’s there’s been a dramatic shift in the numbers of resort skiers and snowboarders wearing helmets.