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The New York Times
By Sportgevity

The New York Times explores a disturbing trend in which helmet use in skiing is up, but brain injuries are also up. Sportgevity founder, Robb Gaffney, MD commented on the shift of our global action sports culture towards super high risk and this being a factor in head injuries increasing. High risk media is very marketable and energy drink companies know that. The downfall? Perhaps these marketing campaigns have...

By Kim Kircher

Kim Kircher's, Edge Radio does a great job addressing all aspects of adventure sports. Among other topics, Kim talks with Robb Gaffney about decision making and the founding principles of Sportgevity. 

By Sportgevity

Wired magazine delves into the issue of safety in backcountry skiing. Among other things, author Jakob Schiller addresses several different heuristic and human factors that effect our decision making. Sportgevity would like put a shout out to avalanche experts like Bruce Tremper (Utah Avalanche Center) and Ian McCammon (Snowpit Technologies), whose research have helped call our attention to the ever important human...

Rock Center with Brian Williams

NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams interviewed Sportgevity founder, Robb Gaffney about the issue of risk in high level skiing. 

Watch here:

By Sportgevity

Colorado Public Radio and Matt Hansen from POWDER Magazine address risk in skiing and the goals of Sportgevity.

Outside Magazine

From the November 2012 issue of Outside Magazine: Tunnel Vision. Last winter, 15 skiers looked down a remote slope covered in powder and thought: Bliss. Minutes later, Megan Michelson was helping pull bodies out of the snow. A harrowing account of one of 2012's deadliest avalanches.

Robb Gaffney of Sportgevity partners with Squaw Valley to run a skiing clinic geared towards safely approaching Chutes and Steeps. Clinic dates are February 2nd and 3rd, February 23rd and 24th, March 2nd and 3rd, and March 16th and 17th.

Matt Hansen artfully and boldly approaches the issue of longevity in skiing in his story Nature's Feedback. He mentions Sportgevity's goals as well as the push back that naturally arises from attempting to create cultural shift.