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Making our sports lifelong passions


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the sportgevity movement. We need your help! Your input will help us achieve a goal of longevity and sustainability in sports by diversifying the thoughts surrounding this important topic. We will review submissions, select those that are progressive, and then post them on our site to stimulate comments and discussions. The ideas you generate may become the focus of research that we will farm out to academic institutions. Join our mission of making our sports lifelong passions!


Submit any type of video you feel would contribute to our mission. These can be monologues, interviews, videos you’ve come across on the internet, responses to earlier submissions, etc.


In writing, tell us your thoughts on any issues related to our mission. These could be athletes or coaches discussing approaches to their sport, parents addressing their thoughts or their approaches with children, responses to other submissions, etc.


Let us know of articles, shows, or research you have come across related to longevity in sports. Write a review, create a video submission, or simply let us know what you have found.


Submit any photos that you feel would contribute to our mission.

Privacy: your personal information will not be shared unless you authorize us to do so. To authorize, please check select "share".
Please submit your material here. You can enter text or a link to a video or text file on an external server. If submitting photos, please upload to a service like Flick or Picasa and send us the link.
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