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Mike Douglas on Longevity

More than anything, creativity and an open mind has kept me in love with the sport of skiing for the past 30 years. When I was younger I always saw becoming a good skier as a destination - winning a contest, sticking a new trick, or jumping the highest cliff. As I've grown older (and hopefully wiser), I've realized it's the journey and evolution that continues to inspire me. Risk is inherent in any sport worth doing. Simply getting out and living life puts us all at some sort of risk. It's the risk that gives us a thrill and makes life worth living, but managing that risk is the tricky part. In a world that moves faster and faster each year, we push harder than ever and demand results. This is what I feel is dangerous. When it comes to risk, we need to slow down and pay attention to that little voice inside.

Never be afraid to walk away. There is always tomorrow. Living creatively and being well prepared is infinitely more satisfying than just hucking yourself and pushing beyond your abilities. The people around you are more inspired by this way of thinking as well. Take JP Auclair's Street Segment from All.I.Can, for example. It's, hands down, the most popular ski edit of the year, yet is one of the least risky and dangerous. The hardest trick is a 720 and he's never more than 12 feet off the ground. It's fresh, creative, and inspiring. This is the type of imagery I see driving the future of action sports. We simply cannot continue to flip and spin more without seeing an increase in serious injuries. Creativity, preparation, and education are the keys to keeping action sports thriving in the future.


As always a quality contribution from Mike D!

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