About Us

Young Steve Gaffney Rock Climbing

Mission statement: “Dedicated to making our sports lifelong passions.” 

At sportgevity.com we believe in athletic progression as well as the beauty of having a lifelong experience in the sports and activities we love. Athletic careers can span decades if approached the right way. We believe that experiencing our sports from the different perspectives across those decades creates a rich sense of fulfillment that is worth shooting for. 

Sportgevity.com is committed to helping people achieve this goal. We will march forward using all avenues possible to help create a cultural shift towards longevity and sustainability in sports. Our mission is to stimulate grass roots discussions and academic research to help us all tease out factors that contribute to or detract from longevity in sports. We partner with legendary athletes, experts in various fields, researchers, physicians, and companies who believe in our vision. We use all forms of media to project our findings to a worldwide audience so that today’s athletes as well as those who are yet to be born, will benefit from long healthy athletic careers.