Gettin' Ready - first edition

The team
Nice crown!
Rich Meyer commands attention.

Mother nature (with a little help) gifted the first Sportgevity Gettin' Ready kids avalanche clinic a classroom that we probably will not see again for many years. Just a week prior, Squaw Valley ski patrol took a 50 pound bomb, strapped it to a kiddie sled, and lowered it down onto the face of Granite Chief Peak, releasing a massive class 3 avalanche that peeled from a 6-7 foot crown and roared down the mountain at speeds of 80 mph, pouring through trees and leaving a pile of debris 15 feet deep.

Addressing Teen Risk in Sports

Kids Skiing Extra Chute

We all know it. We all know our action sports have become riskier. Compared to 30 years ago or even 15 years ago, kids entering action sports today are dealing with the laws of physics jacked up on steroids. They are going faster, higher, farther, and adding complexities that make pioneering tricks of the 80s look like child’s play. What a wonderful demonstration of the pioneering human spirit - right?