Killing People With Avalanches

Grant Alexander
Grant Alexander
Prof Alexander

I am killing people with Avalanches.  Am I telling them to ski avalanche prone slopes during a storm?  Am I failing to dig them out once they're buried or telling them to choose terrain where the consequence is death? No.  But I might as well be.  I might as well be killing people with avalanches because I am part of a culture that is killing people with avalanches.  I am part of a generation that worships the philosophy "Live Fast, Die Young".  And this culture is killing people every year.  Is it only a matter of time before I'm next?

Avalanche Training, Confidence and Risk Perception

Silver Peak Low Angle Avalance Crown
Silver Peak Crown Observer

One of our goals at Sportgevity is to expose research articles that could potentially increase sustainability in the sports we love. Every once in awhile we run across  research that may not yet have seen its full potential in the public eye. Some of the best information from some of the best researchers often remains surprisingly low profile.

Ian McCammon, PhD, is one of those researchers whose work could potentially benefit all winter backcountry travelers. That’s if people know about it and spend time really trying to understand it.