Diving Deeper

Kristoffer with Andrew McLean, Antarctica
Kristoffer Erickson
Kristoffer Erickson, photo by Silas Rossi
The Gervasutti Couloir. Northeast entrance is lookers left.
The Gervasutti Couloir

Kristoffer Erickson is an American alpinist and ski mountaineer for The North Face, photographer, philanthropist and family man, who has climbed and skied mountains all over the world in the Himalayas, Antarctica, the Alps, and in the ranges across North America. Kristoffer was good friends with Hans Saari, a renowned American ski mountaineer, who passed away after falling down the Northeast entrance of the Gervasutti Couloir on Mt. Blanc du Tacul on May 8th, 2001. They were together that day skiing a remarkable run under pristinely blue and calm skies.

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