Thoughts on Longevity

I think my longevity comes from two things. One, truly loving and having a passion for my sport, and two the longing to always get better. I truly believe that even if I wasn't a sponsored athlete I would be doing almost the exact same thing because I enjoy it so much. Plus once you get proficient at something you get a lot of self satisfaction at being one of the best at your respective sport. Basically making your ego feel good about itself, is a good feeling when done authentically. 

Basically, my decision making comes from experience. I believe you really only get good at it after you make a few bad decisions. Once you pay the consequences of a few bad decisions you start to learn pretty quickly or at least you better, that making good decisions can ultimately become a matter of life and death. When you get really good at something you don't have to think your way through it anymore you just subconsciously know how to react. To some degree decision making is the same, if you go with your gut most the time I think it pays off. 
Although, sometimes you have to be able to say no, if you can't you're not really a good decision maker you're just lucky. I have several partners I'll go with when it's not life or death, but as soon as it really matters, I only have one, I had two but one of my partners through in the towel( I have a lot of respect for a man who knows when to say when). I only go with a partner that I, not only know has my back, but has the skills to execute what ever needs to be done. Lots of guys will rush in to save you, only to become part of the problem. I want the partner that knows his limits and makes good decisions to come and get me, and is willing to put his life on the line when he knows he can get me. In endeavors that take more than one person, you're really only as good as your partner, so if success is important, choose wisely.


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